Honoring our Current Reality

For many, the cocooning has been extended beyond what our minds can imagine. As Americans, our experience of work has become our sense of being. How many of us have lost jobs or experienced a loved one who has retired? It can be challenging at best to have time on our hands that we have not expected. At first, it is like an adventure. We can accomplish tasks and goals that we had put off for months and years. What happens after that? For some, boredom sets in and for others depression and isolation. Some of us like to work, to keep busy. This enables us to avoid the voices and feelings that have been pushed down deep within us. This is the time to allow our emotions to come forth. It is time for us to embrace these feelings, to listen to the voices. Giving ourselves permission to allow this to happen will provide a transformation within our center. We will feel light, happy, and freedom from the density of all that has held us hostage. What lives within? Our light, our joy, our hope!

It is time for us to carry the light within us to let it shine forth. When we hold this light for ourselves and others, we offer healing to ourselves and our world. Our earth is in the midst of a significant transformation.

She is guiding us and calling us to wake up! This is a miraculous moment amid the beauty of Spring. Open your windows; listen and open your heart! This week spend time alone. Ask for guidance and allow yourself to receive the many blessings that await you. We have to move through the darkness to experience the light that awaits us!

Blessings and love

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