Heart Center

I have recently recognized the importance of how connected my breathing and heart center is. Have you ever had the experience of such fear, or surprise that you can’t breathe? Or have you ever heard someone say to you just breathe? I have noticed within myself during moments of fear or anxiety; I forget to breathe. Once I focus on my breath, I feel myself beginning to calm down. Each of us has a heart center. Our heart center is the home of the Divine/our higher self. This is the place within each of us where love dwells waiting for us. When we are connected to our heart center, we become our authentic selves. So why is the breath so important. When we focus on our breath, we can enter into our heart center. Once we connect to our heart center, we can experience the miracle of love and experience the light that dwells Deep within our hearts. This time of cocooning is a perfect time to practice our breathing into our heart center. Notice how you feel once you complete this practice. Notice what happens amid the experience within your heart center. Below are some phrases to repeat as you focus on your breath. My breath and my heart center are one. I am one with my heart center I am the light of love I breathe in love and exhale healing energy

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