Healing our Earth

Each morning when I wake, my soul calls forth and guides me to the beautiful nature around me. My soul invites me to connect closely with nature. Mother Earth is one of our guides. Her power of love, unconditional love, teaches us how we should live our lives. All of nature is alive connecting with us each day. Have you ever experienced a butterfly flitting and floating around you? This is nature communing with you. One of our responsibilities is to care for the earth as we care for our children. When we feed our plants, we reap their benefits. How many of you talk to your plants or play music for them. They respond to us the way our loved ones do. Picture Mother Earth in the shape of a woman who lives and breathes. When she abused, she fights back to cleanse herself. Some of the fires we experience are her way of naturally pruning to clear the way for new growth. This is similar to autumn and winter. Unfortunately, people have moved into areas where this typically happens. When we experience hurricanes and tornadoes, I genuinely believe it’s nature’s way of getting our attention, asking us to pay more attention to our surroundings and the people around us. We have become so complacent, thinking of only our needs. Each choice we make impacts the whole. This week focuses on the nature around you; hug a tree, play music and talk to your plants, or pick up garbage on the side of the road. The earth is our home. Without her, we cannot exist. Blessings

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