Healing for our world!

Have you ever watched BBC world news? This news station covers news around the world and is quite different from The World News Tonight with David Muir! How many of us come from families outside of the US? How many of you have travelled to other countries and experienced other cultures? Our country is full of beautiful people from other countries yet we generally hang with those we are familiar with. Why do you think that is? I believe we sometimes fear what we don’t know or understand. We could easily reach out with kindness to the stranger on the street. I truly believe doing so would open my heart and the stranger may actually become a friend. Everyone of us is different. Early on it we frowned upon to marry someone outside of ones country of origin. Of course we all know what happened; love happened. So our lives became rich with different ethnicities. Families across the world have the same struggles we do, some people live in fear for their lives daily because of oppression.I may live in the US but the people, who live across the globe are just as important as my neighbor down the street. We are all connected. Other countries are struggling for civil rights, for freedom from communism, for clean water just to name a few. We are all in need of healing, of love, and of kindness. This week take notice of world events and how the US is portrayed.

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