Grief to Joy

We are responsible for our happiness. The expectations we place on ourselves and others can

alter our relationships, causing rifts and hurt that sometimes can not be repaired. When I take responsibility for my happiness, transformation can happen within me and for the environment around me. Grief and loss are a symptom inside that tell us that something is lacking. Am I no longer complete when I lose my best friend? Will the world around me fall apart? Tears of loss and the feeling of emptiness within are real feelings. When we allow ourselves to work through them, we experience peace and new life. The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is a prime example of this. Sometimes when we move within to sit with these feelings, we experience guilt, perceptions of the many things we could have and should have done differently. This can lead us to self-forgiveness. Giving ourselves the opportunity for forgiveness is the biggest challenge we face. If we are already perfect, then why is there a need for forgiveness? We live in a society that dictates what Is right and wrong. So, our core belief system has already been the judge, thus producing the guilt we feel.

Allowing ourselves self-forgiveness can only lead to healing. Thus, releasing within us the loss that no longer serves our purpose. In what ways can we begin to experience this freedom? What is it that we are holding onto? Can we find the humility within ourselves to ask our loving creator to guide us through the process of forgiveness into true Freedom? Let us pray for one another!


ACCEPT JOY Each Day provides its own gifts. Marcus Aurelius

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