Grief to Joy

As a grief counselor and bereavement coordinator, I had the privilege to work with individuals and families preparing for transition and loss. This provided such growth for me in my life. Working with individuals and families experiencing this forced me to work through my grief and loss. Our lives are so precious. The beauty that each day provides is a gift. As a small child, I had to become friends with death. I had epilepsy. I knew that if I had a grand

seizure, I could go into a coma and die. So living in the moment was very important. Often we place unrealistic expectations on ourselves and others because we are unhappy with the current situation. What we don’t realize is that the sadness and unhappiness come from an unfulfilled part of ourselves. The situation we are in or the person we are with is mirroring for us what we desire for ourselves. Many of us do not allow ourselves to sit with our feelings. Grief and loss appear in our lives as friends. If we are experiencing a loss, our spiritual self is telling us that it is time to let go and release a part of us that no longer is serving our purpose. We experience so many losses in our lives daily. When we do not process these losses, we build a wall within us that later can create barriers for us. Allowing ourselves to move through a loss is freeing and allows our soul to evolve.


ENCOURAGE JOY It is essential to our well-being, and to our lives, that we play and enjoy life. Every single day, do something that makes you sing. MARCIA WIEDER

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