Grief to Joy

For the next few days i will share excerpts from a recent reflection i wrote on Transformation

from grief to joy. Blessings Sandra

Today I would like to discuss how grief and loss can help to transform our lives. Throughout our lives from birth to death, we experience loss. At birth, we leave the comfort of the womb where we have resided for a time and grace the world with our presence. We are exposed to light, air, and people who have been waiting for months for our arrival. If we are lucky, we are greeted with love and warmth, and thus our lives begin. As spiritual beings, we are already perfect. We chose to enter a world that has many adventures and challenges. How we embrace our experience will be the deciding factor as to whether our experience will be an adventure or a challenge.

Throughout our lives, we experience small changes within our bodies and around our known surroundings. We experience growth spurts and evolve. We become part of a community that our parents introduce to us, and sometimes this includes a faith community. The biggest challenge we experience as we grow and evolve is the balance between our physical self and our spiritual self. If we are born into this world already perfect, how do we maneuver this world that tells us we will never achieve perfection. Because if we claim to be perfect, then we equate ourselves with God.

We come to this earth as beings of light energy filled with love and joy. This radiant energy is meant to be shared with everyone we meet. Yet as humans, we tend to forget this. Our lives become filled with burdens and losses. We are taught from an early age what success means. So we become weighed down by life itself.


FEEL JOY Remember the feeling as a child when you woke up and morning smiled? It's time you felt like that again. TAJ MAHAL

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