Grief and loss

Greetings everyone! You may have guessed by now or maybe not, the topics I am choosing to discuss are from the gifts I have acquired in this lifetime. I have been blessed with the opportunity to follow the path of my passion Spirituality. Spirituality is part of everything we do and the essence of who we are. One of the areas of healing that I have been privileged to be part of has been hospice. As a Social worker I have been able to use my gifts and grow into many others. One area I was able to work in was walking with individuals and family after saying goodbye to their loved one. My focus for the next week will be about grief and loss moving into joy and peace. Now you may say this is a Debbie downer. But alas you and I as humans have experienced grief and loss throughout our lives. The trick is how do we move from our grief and loss into peace and joy. Alan Wolfelt has studied and written many books on this topic. I will use some of his work and share some of my many experiences. The questions I pose will come from a grief journal (Grief Quest) and the affirmations will come from a beautiful little book called JOY! As the week progresses please feel free to comment. And if you feel so inclined and need to talk just email me and we can set up a time. Enjoy!


BELIEVE IN JOY--These are the days of miracle and wonder. Paul Simon

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