God Takes a Holiday

I find that sometimes writing stories can help the greater good.

I created this story while on retreat a few years ago. I was inspired by a loving benevolent being whom I call God. This story is for children and Adults alike. If you feel uncomfortable with the word GOD, try other words like Love, the Divine, Oneness etc. Enjoy!

A long time ago

Before the universe existed

A Benevolent being name GOD was….


GOD was in love with the idea of creating a Universe that could live in Happiness

and LOVE…. Like GOD!

The Universe was created in LOVE! The only Rule…

To live in Joy and Love the whole Universe. And of Course….GOD!

Well many, many thousands of years later

GOD continues to ask the Universe, “Have You kept my only Rule?

To Live in Joy and Love the Whole Universe?”

You see..

God has seen the Universe become sad and hurt!

Nature cries from the loss of Special Trees and animals that have died!

Humans weep for fear the Earth will die!

The Earth begins to tremble and shake. She feels a little off center and tries to fix herself.


This causes the Earth to quake and makes the oceans rumble. The humans become scared. “Where is God? Has God taken a Holiday?”

God waits patiently with tenderness and love.

The humans cry out, “What are we to do? What is wrong with the Earth?”

A small child asks a grownup, “What would God Do?”

The grownup is puzzled by this question and finally answers, “I don’t Know, I forgot about God. After all God CAUSED all of this!”

The Child looks lovingly at the grownup then says, “I was taught that God only has one rule..

To live in Joy and Love the Whole Universe!”

Then the child asks, “How could God cause this if God is LOVE?”

The child calls out, “HEY GOD, ARE YOU ON A HOLIDAY?, because these grownups are really scared. You see God, the Earth is feeling sick because we have not loved her like you asked. So… Will you help us out? Please…..”

The Grownup looks at the child in disbelief, “I told you, God CAUSED this. God does not care about us!”

The child frowns and walks away. Then the child hears a whisper from within. “I have heard your call for help. I am not on a Holiday!”

Suddenly a Rainbow fills the sky with beautiful light! The child jumps for Joy! Then God approaches the child and gives the child a BIG Warm Hug. God tells the child, “Thank you for loving the Earth enough to ask for help. Sometimes grownups forget that I am here and try to run things on their own.”

The Grownup notices the beautiful Rainbow with awe, and that the child is speaking to a stranger and wonders… The grownup walks over to the child and says, “I guess God is not on a Holiday, look at the beautiful Rainbow!” The child smiles broadly and introduces God to the grownup. The grownup becomes sad. God asks the grownup, “What is Wrong? Why are you sad?” The grownup begins to cry, “I told this child that you caused all of this, and that You did not care about us. I was wrong God, I am sorry.” God looks with tenderness and love at the grownup and says, “I forgive you.” The grownup smiles at God. God tells the grown up, “The Universe, Nature, All of Humanity and the Earth can be healed if You love, respect, and care for them.” “You see, I loved you first and my only rule is… To live in Joy and Love the Whole Universe… as I Your God Love You! Unconditionally of Course!!!


Written by Sandra Castelluccio

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