God’s Steadfast Love

Because your steadfast love is life to me, my lips will praise you.

I would radiate your love as long as I live, becoming a blessing to others in gratitude to You!

Excerpt from Psalm 63 Psalms for Praying by Nan Merrill

How do we embody the love offered to us incessantly by our loving Creator? When I read this passage last week, I felt goosebumps roll through my body. The phrase struck me, “I would radiate your love as long as I live.” I pictured myself radiating energy of love from within my soul out into the universe. It may sound crazy to you, but we do this all the time. We are sources of energy In human bodies having a spiritual experience.

We live in a fractured world with so much pain; it is difficult to see and experience the light positively.

We tend to hold on to pain and hurt feelings from disappointment and judgment we perceive from others. Unfortunately, our bodies are impacted when we do, so the pain we experience tends to settle in our bodies. Why do we find it challenging to receive the love offered to us by the Divine? The psalms are filled with God’s expression of love for us. These are not just words on a sheet of paper. We are loved more than one could ever imagine. Yet we hold on to the fear, loss, and anger. It is more comfortable to hold onto something more tangible, like a disappointing experience, because it is real. Yet so is God’s love. God’s expression of love is also tangible. Have you have ever fallen in love or experienced such joy that you were brought to tears? Have you ever experienced the gift of a newborn baby or watched a sunset with the one you love by your side? Reflect for a moment on the feelings that rose from within your heart during and after experiences like these. How did it feel?

When we experience joy when we allow ourselves to receive sincere love, the light within us shines with radiance. This light-energy sends love into the earth's atmosphere. When this happens, our world becomes lighter, less heavy. Our joy reflects gratitude for the gifts of abundance we have received. I believe that these experiences can become transformative to those around us. By radiating a loving presence, we then become a blessing to others. Have you ever heard the phrase “to love another person is to see the face of God?” Each of us is a reflection of God. We are all connected. The choices I make can impact my small community and the larger world around me. Many were raised to believe that they were sinners, not deserving of God’s love. The reality, we were born in perfection, a reflection of god’s love. The goal, always to recognize the reflection of God's love in each other. This week reflect on the excerpt of Psalm 63. Listen with your heart. Have a beautiful week.

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