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The Season of Spring with Easter and Passover brings with it hope and newness. It is a time of rebirth

And a moment for renewal. I often ask myself why we, as Christians, have to relive the passion and resurrection of Jesus each year. The presence of Jesus and his life and messages were a way to help us recognize the love that lives within each of us. Jesus questioned authority at times because of their need for control and power over the people. His resurrection was for Christians a way to Freedom from oppression. So why is it that we, as a people, cannot remember and celebrate with gratitude the gift of Freedom we received from his resurrection. Why is it that we need to relive it and ritualize it each year?

Could it be that our Religious authorities are following the same path as those in Jesus' time? Rituals are beautiful! They can evoke emotions that lie hidden within. Can these same rituals hold us back from experiencing the Freedom Jesus so exemplified? Worthiness has always been part of my religion. When we feel as though we are not worthy, then the message of Jesus gets lost. It becomes easier to hold on to judgment and fear. Have you heard the term "I am not worthy I could never be like Jesus." Who taught us that message? Believing this only keeps us in prison and bound in an outdated belief system.

This season is meant to bring us hope and Freedom. Jesus loves us unconditionally. His was a path of learning just as ours is. His message of hope and Freedom releases the fear and judgment from within us. So that all that is left is love. The feeling of freedom is amazing. For me, riding my bicycle and skiing down a majestic mountain evokes an emotion of exhilaration and profound Freedom. How do you experience Freedom? What holds you back from experiencing this Freedom?

May you each experience the unfolding of beauty that lies within.

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