Finding love in the Chaos

I hope you had a beautiful week. As I navigated my way through this week, I felt Called to reflect on the Psalms after reading Richard Rohr's guidance for the next few months. One author I particularly enjoy is Nan Merrill, who wrote "Psalms for Praying." I opened to Psalm 2 in her book and found it riveting. The psalm reflected our current situation both here in the USA and around the world. It read:

Why do nations and people plot against one another, setting themselves apart and conspiring against the Beloved and those who follow Love's way?

They say to themselves, "We are free of loves law; humility and service are for others."

The Beloved, who is ever-present, can but smile at their foolishness, knowing that one day they will fall to their knees in regret. They do not hear the Beloved's firm and steadfast voice: "I have set love in your hearts, my dwelling place." Let me share the way of Love: Love calls to us, "you are mine; this day I become your beloved; ask of me what you will. I give you all nations, the whole universe, to care for, to be your delight. You will shatter fear as an iron rod hitting a clay pot."

Listen, then you leaders of nations heed well, O people of the earth. Serve the Beloved with reverence; bow your heads, and embrace Love. Otherwise, ignorance and fear will be your companions bringing destruction and despair. Blessed are all who dwell in Love!

Usually, when reflecting on a Psalm, I tend to focus on the words or phrases that jump out at me. The first sentence and the Beloved's call for Love impacted me.

You may be asking yourselves, "what is happening to us? What is this all about? Why so much chaos? Could it be that we are going through a transformation.? The chaos first begins within each of us. If we are open to our heart center, we will recognize this chaos from other points in our lives when we experienced a great change. When we recognize this, our heart center will guide us through peacefully so that we may find our way through the chaos. Many people, though, will not recognize the chaos coming from within. This can create anxiety, anger, frustration, and pain. And for most, it will be reflected in their lived experience or reflected in what they see on TV reflected in society. Then our neighbors, who we once respected, become our enemies for no particular reason other than they are different. It begins with each of us and then moves into our communities, society, and the larger world. Then we become isolated. When we are focused only on the chaos, we miss the beauty and Love reaching out from within our hearts, Mother Earth, and our loved ones. "I have set love in your hearts, my dwelling place." Let me share the way of Love: Love calls to us, YOU ARE MINE! This phrase is so powerful. The Love of the Beloved is Awesome. Can you imagine that we are loved so much that Our Beloved made our hearts His/Her dwelling place? Just think about that for a moment. The presence of God dwells within you! Within me! We speak so often of God conquering evil and hate. If the Beloved dwells within each of us, then aren't we a reflection of Love eternal? What if the real test has always been about loving one another as God loves us, unconditionally, Without judgment? When we live our lives, knowing that each of us holds a piece of God's Love within us and treats each other with Love and compassion, God's kingdom will be our reality. This week spend time with this psalm. Listen to your heart? What do you hear? What do you feel?

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