Facing Our Fear

How many of you have read or watched the Harry Potter Series. Harry Potter survives a deadly curse as a baby because of the selfless love of his mother. The power of her Love destroys the evil character leaving just an ember or fragment of himself. Harry Potter is a hero, having survived this evil and wonder abounds around him because he is “the boy that lived.” As a child, Harry is unable to understand the magnitude of his power truly. The ember of the Dark Wizard begins to grow into a distorted human figure. While he was alive, he hid pieces of his heart in various objects that represented his family. He believes these objects will bring him back as the most powerful being alive. Harry’s journey consists of finding these pieces and destroying them. This weakens the dark wizard. Throughout the series, Harry must face his fears. Harry has many allies and some very close friends who provide Love and support throughout his journey. As he faces his fears, Harry becomes empowered by the strength and Love that lives brilliantly within him. He experiences energy that brings forth courage and conviction. In the story, Harry faces the biggest Fear of all, Death. This brings on a transformation within himself, Love of self and Love of all creation. He conquers death and conquers evil. I love this series. Each time I encounter new waves of strength and beautiful energy within myself when watching.

Psalm 62 speaks to this Fear, “Fear keeps me from living fully, from sharing my gifts; it takes pleasure in imprisoning my soul. Fear pretends to comfort, so long has it dwelled within me; truly, it is my enemy.”

The Dark Wizard had no experience of Love. He believed objects would give him power and that he could use his ability to control and manipulate others. Unfortunately, his heart was closed to love. He thought that making people fearful of his power would give him ultimate power overall.

Fear holds us back from living our lives to our fullest potential. We meet people in our lives who tell us how life should be, how they can make it better for us if we listen to their truth and follow their rules. Many of us feel compelled to follow because it brings comfort, knowing someone else was successful, happy. What we miss along the way are the proddings of our heart guiding us to a path uniquely designed to awaken the gifts just waiting to be birthed.

Fear can hold us back, but if we face our fears and forge through them, we will experience love at the depths of our core, who is the Divine, Oneness, God!

This week in the US, we celebrate Thanksgiving. Take an inventory of the many blessings that surround you. This thanksgiving may be very different for many; remember how a smile or a kind gesture can change your neighbor's heart. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!

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