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Have you ever had the experience while having a great day of being drawn into negative energy? I recently started a part-time job at a Wellness Center. My role is to welcome people and ensure they are comfortable while they wait for their appointments. I also ensure that they are seen promptly. After the second day, I noted that there was negative energy and later learned that some of the staff were in a great deal of emotional pain. This is similar to what our world is going through right now. There appears to be chaos all around us. Just turn on the news for 10 minutes, and I guarantee you will feel the anxiety begin to rise. Sometimes we blame ourselves for issues that arise in others. We can take on their pain by making it our own. Sometimes we make decisions based on the pain that we feel. A Parent has such a challenging role. Children can place blame on a parent because they lack the understanding of their evolution. Sharing our pain with others can release the sadness within ourselves, eventually creating the confidence that was hidden. Holding on to pain and blaming others for our discontent will create a negative environment. We are in a moment of transformation on our earth. We are called to be beacons of light, loving, and compassionate people. This week take the time to offer kindness and love to yourself. If you find yourself drawn into a negative situation, take a moment to focus on your breath, center yourself, bless the person with peace and be the presence of love.

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