Empowered by love

Did you think we would be here again? Isn't it time for us to live together in Peace amongst diversity? Have we not learned that power over others and property only constrains our ability to live freely?

We have evolved enough to understand that war is not the answer. Yet we continue to argue and fight because we are afraid to share the power handed down. The other day I asked, "when will we have peace?" I was told, "when women are in charge." The response from the world regarding Ukraine and Russia has been breathtaking.

Today I watched a show on BBC. The commentators were 13-year-olds speaking about how the Russian government punishes the media for telling the truth. The young people interviewed a child from Ukraine who was receiving treatment for cancer in a hospital but had to flee the country. Luckily, the child escaped to Italy, where she is now receiving treatment. This reporting empowers us to be better humans. So many of us are upset but feel powerless as we watch people fleeing for their lives and wonder, are we next?

We have such power within ourselves to change our futures. Taking the time to pause and breathe into the present moment brings us to a place of love. Lighting a candle, saying a prayer, and sending our bright light into the universe can empower change. It is essential to be more mindful now. How we interact with ourselves and each other is imperative to our success on this planet.

Choosing our words carefully when in conversation can empower others to speak their truth without fear. Thinking before speaking or acting can create positive change and open doors to new relationships.

We are all connected. Have you ever asked the question, "Why am I feeling so down or anxious suddenly when you were fine a moment before?" We are all energy, and the earth is all energy. We feel the pain and sadness of our brothers and sisters around the world.

Our challenge is to respond with loving hearts. Let us empower each other to be better humans. The time is now!

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