Earth Day

This week we celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd. Our earth is a place and a living, breathing entity. Caring for our earth is one of our primary goals. Think about the enormity of our earth. Take, for instance, our trees; they are fed by the rain and flourish to give us fruits and shade. When we cut down the trees to build, the area loses the ability for proper drainage. So some areas experience flooding. Here is a fun fact:

A single tree produces approximately 260 pounds of oxygen per year. That means two mature trees can supply enough oxygen annually to support a family of four! Water originating in our national forests provides drinking water for over 3400 communities and approximately 60 million individuals.

You see, we are all connected. Our role is to provide love and support to our earth and each other. We can offer lessons to each other about how to love and care for the planet. The earth is our home. Many of us are proud of the way our homes look. We need to feel the same way about our planet. Spring is such a beautiful time with the flowers bursting through, the birds singing their songs, the bees pollinating the flowers, and caterpillars turning into butterflies. This week take time to notice the beauty around you! Give thanks to our Mother Earth for all the love and care she provides for us each day.

Below is a prayer and a song for Mother Earth!

The Beauty of Nature

O God, we thank you for this earth, our home; For the wide sky and the blessed sun, For the salt sea and the running water, For the everlasting hills And the never-resting winds, For trees and the common grass underfoot. We thank you for our senses By which we hear the songs of birds, And see the splendor of the summer fields, And taste of the autumn fruits, And rejoice in the feel of the snow, And smell the breath of the spring. Grant us a heart wide open to all this beauty; And save our souls from being so blind That we pass unseeing When even the common thorn bush Is aflame with your glory, O God our creator, Who lives and reigns forever and ever.

- Walter Rauschenbusch

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