Earth Day

Our beloved Earth is our home. Our Earth is a living, breathing entity. Without her love for us we would have no home. I will always remember one earth day. A sister-friend, Meg, and I were walking through Mount Auburn Cemetery, a beautiful serene place. We were discussing the beauty of nature then she turned to me and said “Let’s hug a tree.” I was quite surprised and thought this was an unusual idea. I felt a little silly and hesitated. She hugged the tree and then encouraged me to do the same. I did! It felt awkward and strange. She helped me to understand that the Earth was alive, so needs our love and care as much as we need each other’s love and care. I have found that the times I have spent in nature have been the moments I have felt most connected and loved by our Mother Earth. Nature speaks to us continuously throughout the day. Often though, we miss the messages she offers. During this time of cocooning has been a gift for the Earth. The air is clear and blue. The ocean is healing itself. Wild animals are coming forth from their havens, exploring the Earth freely. We as humans are experiencing hibernation allowing us to heal and evolve in ways we could not imagine. Some of us are blessed to have pets. Their example of unconditional love and presence is gift to many of us. These pets reflect the love and presence of Mother Earth. We are one! We are all connected. The choices I make will impact my sister, my brother, and every living entity on our beloved Earth. This week reflect upon the gift of the Earth. Take time to breathe in deeply and release all that no longer serves you. Each time you breathe in, remember that we have oxygen to breathe in. Thank Gaia because this oxygen is a gift. Let’s pray for our Earth and all of the beings and entities who live here! I have included the video “A Good Day!” From Brother David Steiner-Rast

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