Discovery of Love

We continue to be overwhelmed by the news. There have been storms that have created havoc for most of the country, and of course, we now have a new variant to Covid 19.

It is also the season of Lent for many Christians. One of Jesus' challenges was having to be alone in the desert. I find that when I am alone, many of my doubts and fears come to the surface to greet me. Some might say that our mind is cunning because it wants to keep us fearful and remain in control. Our heart reveals feelings and experiences that we have pushed deep down because they are to painful face. As Jesus spent time In the wilderness, he was greeted by his doubts and fears. Prompted by his heart, Jesus was guided to healing. Our heart represents God's love. Our heart is God's love. Jesus spent 40 days alone. Once he recognized and accepted this love from within, he faced the challenges in the desert. He encountered his doubts, fear, anger, resentment, hurt, and disappointment, to name a few. He sat with them, acknowledged them, accepted them then released them. It allowed his heart to expand and open to receive love, compassion, empathy, joy, and hope from God.

There is such a beautiful light that lives within each of us. It is expansive, but the light dims when we hold onto our hurt and pain. This light is God's light.

This week I would like to offer a short meditation so that you can discover this light.

Find a quiet place and sit with your feet touching the ground.

Pay attention to your breath. Then take three slow deep breaths.

Visualize a beautiful forest flourishing with green. You can hear everything, the birds, the breeze water running in a distance.

You notice a large tree with a door within it. You open the door and walk inside.

You feel a rush of warmth and see a beautiful ornate chair that awaits you. There is a small fire in the middle of the room. The fire intrigues you; it calls to you. As you sit In the chair, you feel like you are home.

You sit in front of the fire, taking it all in. The fire begins to grow, and you hear the words Welcome __________ I am the love that lives within you. I have been waiting to spend time with you. This fire represents the love that lives within you. It will grow stronger as you release your pain.

You begin to feel relaxed and peaceful. What would you like to say to love? Do you have any words or just feelings?

Sit for a while, basking in the beauty that surrounds you.

When your ready, come back into the room. Sit for a few minutes and pay attention to how you feel.

This meditation can be done as often as you need.

Have a beautiful week! Many blessings Sandra

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