Discovering Our Heart Center

Do you ever find yourself in a conflict between your head and heart?

I find myself on edge these days and can feel the change in the air. Maybe it has to do with the change in our weather patterns, but I believe part of it is the people's energy around us.

I am a heart-centered person. I listen to the messages from within my heart, my higher self. When in a conversation, being present in the moment is essential. I look for the best in people and strive to be positive. Compassion, kindness, and empathy are my friends. No one knows the struggles another endures.

When I am in my head, I am quick to judge myself and others. I create stories and scenarios in my mind with perceived outcomes. Most times incorrect. I may be quick to respond when in a conversation because I have the right answer discounting the other's point of view. Sometimes I feel stressed and upset and wonder why, realizing later that I had been acting negatively toward myself.

One way to feel better is to slow down and take a moment to recognize the importance of what is happening inside of us. These are messages from our higher self gently asking us to be kind and compassionate with ourselves. It is so difficult to slow down. Our egos' directives tell us how we should be and how others should be that we miss the cues from the deeper parts of ourselves offering messages of love and support.

Become more aware of the messages in your mind vs. those from your heart. The messages from our hearts are subtle, sometimes a knowing. If you are in a conversation with another person and you verbalize the message floating in your mind, then find yourself feeling uncomfortable, chances are that it was your ego speaking and not your heart center. Most of the messages from our minds represent our insecurity and fear. We need to speak these aloud. Once they are out in the open, they no longer control us. Find someone you trust and love, ask them to listen to your fears. Doing this is an important step toward self-love, thus experiencing your heart center.

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