Disappointments in life

How do you deal with disappointments? We all experience this at times. These last few weeks have brought feelings of relief and joy for some and disappointment and sadness for others. We are at a crossroads. Our future joy and happiness will depend on how we deal with our experience of disappointment. When I am disappointed, I become frustrated with myself. I judge my choices, believing that if I said or did something different, the outcome would be positive. Some of us blame others when disappointed. Sometimes we become so caught up with our disappointment, all of life becomes a disappointment. Living with feelings like these can produce sadness and frustration in our lives causing us to be miserable. It’s difficult to face our disappointments because we believe we have done something to deserve it. What if it is just an opportunity to trust that something much greater lies ahead. Most of the time when we feel disappointed our ego has been bruised. Yet our heart/soul is prodding us to be aware and present in the moment. Our soul is calling us to remember who we are, the essence of love incarnate. Our world is going through a massive transformation of healing. If we hold onto our disappointments, informed by our ego, our world will be bleak and dark. All that we see will feel like the end of the world. If we allow ourselves to trust and let our soul reveal its beauty our world will be transformed and we will experience the love that is offered to us in each moment. One exercise that I do when I feel down is

to recognize and accept the feeling

Bless it for giving me the knowledge of this feeling

Ask my angels and guides to help me to release the feeling

Take 3 deep breaths so that I can remain in the present moment

Once I am in the present moment my mind/ego is no longer in charge my soul is. This practice does work for me. Sometimes I need to repeat it. But, if I allow my angels and guides to help, I experience peace with an hour.

This week allow your soul to guide you. Take time to be in the present moment and listen to the proddings of your heart.

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