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Daily offerings

Healing is offered to us through many forms all day long every day. This is offered to us by our loving Creator. God sees us as perfect so guides us to people and places where we may experience this. A pets love is unconditional. Have you ever returned home and been greeted by your pet? The joy in their heart is uncontainable. To me they truly reflect Gods love for us. There are so many forms of healing. Nature including bodies of water; the mountains, the sun, fields of green, flowers, animals, birds, the moon is yet another. Music is another form of healing. Listening to music, singing, or even playing an instrument. Writing is another way to experience healing. Listening to our hearts and wring the words on paper.

Some other forms include a kind word or touch from another human being. Therapy is yet another and the places we choose to worship can be another.

We live in a world that tells us our busyness is important. For me, being busy all the time has only made me tired and irritable. Keeping busy all the time can lead us away from healing. When we are so busy we miss the many cues God offers to us including the beauty of nature, the smiles of our family members who are happy to see us and yes even that little pet who has been waiting for us all day. This week look for the signs of love and healing god is offering. It may just be a butterfly flitting in front of your face calling you to recognize the beauty right in front of you. What are some the ways you experience god in your life?

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