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We experience courage in many forms. This week in Florida, many parents brought their children back to school amid growing concern about increasing positive Covid Cases. Usually, it is a time of excitement and joy. Two of our staff had children starting school for the first time. There was quite a bit of anxiety mixed with excitement and mystery in the air.

Choosing to become a parent is courageous. Yet, our children choose their parents before inception. Imagine that! This week my two nieces go off to college. One will continue her adventure at Stonehill.

The other will begin a new adventure at Saint Anselm's. Most parents evolve with their children. I believe that our children help teach and guide us about how to love ourselves and our children. Each of us experiences challenges throughout our childhood, later maturing into adulthood. If we have loved each other well, letting go of our children will be more difficult. Young adults need to pull away to grow and evolve into their authentic selves; Having the space to listen to their hearts call. They will make Important choices that will guide their future. It takes courage to follow our hearts call. This can lead to lessons in self-love and reveal our passion and life's purpose.

Praise and gratitude are for all of you parents who worked hard to raise your children. Who laughed, cried, became angry, and had many a sleepless night worried whether it all would work out.

Courage takes on many forms. Choosing to be a parent and being born into a family is the greatest challenge we will experience in life. It is also the greatest gift.

This week our affirmations will focus on courage. We each have a solar plexus chakra. Below is some information that relates to our solar plexus!

The energy of the Third Chakra is referred to as the Solar Plexus, the formation of the independent self – independent from our community and external relationships. This Chakra relates to our personal growth by activating that independent strength. It can be the most challenging spiritual endeavor we may face during our life journey – when we learn to truly and fully love ourselves. It also evokes courage and conviction within your soul.

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