Courage comes in all forms. My heart reflected this to me the other day. Courage is “Stepping away from the familiar and taking a leap into the possibilities yet to be experienced!” Some times we find ourselves in a moment when we have to take a stand. Our response then tends to be heroic. I remember a friend I worked with told a story about her toddler. He was in a car seat in her car. She had walked away for a moment then saw her car rolling down a hill. She ran and put herself in front of the rolling car and somehow stopped it from continuing to move. Yes, it was miraculous, but it was also courageous. She didn’t know her strength but somehow found the courage to stop the car.

In this new year, we are faced with making life choices that can bring forth healing and newness. Sometimes our old ways and habits keep us from moving onward into the mystery and profound transformation awaiting us. We hold on so tight to what we know and understand that we miss the little nudges of love teasing us into something more significant. Our courage comes from deep within; it reflects the love we hold deep. When we act with courage, we are reflecting love from our soul to the world around us. Having courage is as simple as saying I love you. Imagine how lonely we would all be if we hadn’t been the first to offer our love to our significant other. Can you define for yourself what courageous step you would like to make this year? Remember, courage comes forth with conviction. What is it within you that is calling forth this courage.

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