Conflict with the Self

Have you ever conflicted with yourself? After returning from up North feeling uplifted and spending time with my family and friends, I returned home excited to begin refreshed and renewed again. Something happened to that beautiful feeling. It was one of the most challenging weeks I have experienced in a long time. Earlier in the week, we experienced a Solar Flash from the Sun. While Reflecting on the week, I felt like I had been in two different dimensions. For most of this week, I felt like I was at war with myself. My Ego was feeling raw and frustrated, feeling caught in a hierarchical environment. My higher self was working hard to bring peace, kindness, and collaboration among deaf ears. It becomes difficult for each of us when in conflict with others, but it can ultimately make one feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and emotional when in conflict with oneself. Our team has experienced so much change in a very short few months, including loss of staff and unusual health issues. So the staff was also in conflict with each other.

I felt caught in a web of emotions. The same loop kept playing over and over. Yet, I knew as a healer that I could work it through. It was difficult and painful to allow the flow of emotions to pass through. How did I work it through? I prayed and called on my support team, including the Divine angels and guides. I was surprised to receive two messages from two spiritual friends who sent love and shared dreams. Then another friend called just to let me know I was loved. I hadn’t heard from these friends for a couple of years. I was filled with gratitude, thanked my friends, and thanked my spiritual team, grateful for the many blessings in my life.

These are challenging times. We are at war with ourselves and with each other. We are fighting to transform our world from the darkness we experience to the light/love that awaits us. This week focus on your head and your heart. Are they in sync, or is one trying to control the other? You may want to journal your experience. Spend time in nature and release all that no longer serves you—sending love and healing. Have a great week!

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