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Choosing Joy

It can be challenging to experience joy these days. There is so much chaos and confusion around us; it can evoke anxiety and depression within us quickly.

Reflect for a few minutes on what makes you feel joyful. Joy is a feeling within us expressed naturally. I become joyful when I see a turtle eating grass in front of my house hanging out under one of our trees.

Nature is one way to experience joy. There is so much beauty around us that we sometimes forget to take a break and enjoy the present moment. If you can, take some time to sit outside under a shaded area; close your eyes and allow yourself to listen. What do you hear? Is it the wind flowing gently through the leaves, or could it be birds singing their song? Where I live, the cicadas are so loud one can only hear their love song.

Some of us are blessed to witness the joy of a baby/ child or young adult. Have you ever witnessed the pleasure of a baby when self-discovery occurs? It is incredible to watch. And can make a heart sing with gratitude and love. So many have returned to school and some to college. There can be such excitement and joy knowing that you are about to step into a future full of mystery and promise.

Falling in love is a joyful experience, and yes, relationships can be challenging because we are all very different. Ask yourself what brings joy to your relationship? Is it a quiet meal with your significant other?

Maybe it is working in the garden together creating something beautiful. Or is it the gratitude and joy you feel after 66 years together witnessing the beauty of all you have created?

Each day we make choices. Joy is a choice, and so is love.

This year has been challenging. Our country appears to be crumbling in front of our eyes. Why? We are in the midst of a transformation. The old ways of living and doing things no longer serve the larger community. We, as humans, are evolving and changing. We can either choose love and joy or fear and trepidation. Who would you want to spend time with?

This week take time to reflect on what brings you joy!

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