There is a magical feeling during the holiday season. It’s is a time of miracles. Children often jolt us into remembering and trusting the mystery of it all because they believe. They believe that they are good enough, loved enough to receive the gifts on their list from Santa. At the same time, the magic continues with the anticipation of the birth of Christ. This year is quite different from most. On the 21st, which is Winter Solstice, the world will experience an alignment of planets for the first time in 800 years that will produce a star similar to the one at Christ’s birth. It will be a beauty to behold. Do you believe in Magic, Miracles? Santa and Jesus are real, yet many no longer believe. There is much in this world that we cannot see yet, we believe. The barrier to our believing is our pain and hurt. We tend to close down our hearts to love when We are hurt. When this happens, our faith, trust, and beliefs are closed down. We hold on to the tangible beliefs. We lose the magic and experience of miracles. Many of us have seen the movie “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens. Scrooge is a prime example of someone who closed his heart because of the pain and hurt he experienced. The Spirits help him by focusing on his experiences of love. Scrooge experiences self-healing. The magic of miracles returns; the gift of love!

Do you believe that you are good enough and loved unconditionally? Is your hurt/loss so profound that you can only experience pain? Now is the time to open your heart to look within. It’s time to peel away the layers of pain and remove the blocks, for there lies the magic, the miracle of love!

This week reflect on some of your beliefs.

Some examples:

I believe that love is the essence of life.

I believe that my hurt impacts my ability to love and pushes others away. I will focus on looking at my pain, hold it, thank it, and then release it to make room for love.

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