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Befriending the Self

Many of us are evolving into our authentic selves. We have so many experiences in our lives with so many teachers along our path. Many of us are eager to learn something new from these teachers. Who are our teachers? Well, nature, family members, friends, acquaintances, and educational institutions, to name a few. The best way to grow and evolve into our authentic self is to befriend the self we think we know. Our friend Jesus did this when he chose to spend time alone for 40 days. Jesus experienced many emotions while on his journey. He was tempted by the part of himself that wanted control. He discovered the spark of love awaiting him, divine love.

We are now almost two years into living with Covid 19. What has changed in us? Many have realized that their worth is more profound than a job or material things, so they have walked away, living life on their terms. Others are angry, still feeling caught up in the crazy working short staffed stressed out because the demands have become more unreasonable. Others are angry because they think their freedom is limited.

Spending time alone with ourselves allows us to experience pain deep within us. When we were busy, we found ways to make ourselves happy for a minute, all the while pushing down the pain when it rose to the surface. Befriending ourselves means allowing our true selves to grow and meet us. Many of us do not want to take the time to face what so many call the dark side. Honestly, there is no dark side. There is only one true self. If you saw a child sitting alone with tears in their eyes, would you walk past them, or would you stop and reach out to offer compassion and kindness? Sitting with this child, showing them love, would be such a beautiful gift for both of you! Once you walk away, you may feel uplifted happy. What if you then heard a message from the Divine, “ that child you just offered compassion, kindness, and love to was the pain you have been carrying. You see, that child is you!”

It is time for us to release the pain the dwells within. If tears come, bless them and release them, giving thanks. Here are a few ways to befriend yourself this week.

Play this video each day. It is a 5-minute meditation.

Find a mirror, stand before it, and say, “ I like myself as I am.”

Play your favorite music

Watch your favorite TV Shows

Sit in the Sun with gratitude for the gift of the day

Hold yourself in a hug and say Thank You for the many blessings you have.

And, of course, read the affirmations I put forth each day!

I love you! Have a beautiful week!

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