Growing up in New England brought joy to my heart. Experiencing the four seasons each year helped me to understand that we, as humans, also experience constant change. One of the pleasures of living in New England is the cool evenings and the warm and sometimes hot days. It is a time to harvest our fruits and vegetables and eat candied apples while walking through the fairgrounds. Mother Gaia offers such a display of beauty as the leaves on the trees change from green to an array of brilliant colors. Many people love to experience this wonder of love. Yes, it has been an unusual year, and many are still at home, barely traveling about. Some fairs have been canceled to adhere to the guidelines set forth by each State. Alas, Mother Nature will continue with her transition by providing spectacular views if you take a ride into the countryside. For me, experiencing Autumn gives me a feeling of pleasure for happiness. Watching the sun peaking through the trees can be stunning. While watching, though, I also know that the trees will soon be bare, giving the Sun more light to shine on a soon to be cold body. Nature helps us to guide us through our inner transformation. Many of us walk throughout life, moving to the next opportunity without reflecting on the present experience. We move so fast sometimes we forget about what is right in front of us. As the seasons change, we change. Some of us have bodies that can’t handle the cold. Many birds fly south along with their human friends to warmer climates. Today, many of us are struggling with the uncertainties that continue to present themselves daily.


The wildfires out of control in Washington, Oregon, and California

people protesting for the civil rights of our black community oppressed for many years along with the senseless deaths of black Americans

we have at least 5 or 6 disturbances near Africa that may become Hurricanes

We have a Presidential Election in November that will change the course of our world as we know it.

It is important for us to find our inner strength, in order to move through each day peacefully. The Earth is alive! She feels our anxiety, our joy, our grief. This week let us spend some time sitting with our experiences of life. Pay attention to your inner self. If watching TV makes you anxious or angry, Turn it off and put on some music. Go outside and listen to the birds, the wind, the quiet. We have so much love around us, so much beauty. If you can, carve 15 minutes out of your day for you alone. Take a ride the ocean, watch the waves, close your eyes, and listen. Or sit in a quiet spot in your yard or a pew and remember that you are loved more than you could ever imagine.

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