Today we begin to understand the gift of the Archangels in our lives. Archangels oversee all the angels. They are much larger and very powerful angels. They do not have a gender, yet they have specific characteristics that make them appear as male or female energies. Archi means first principal or chief, and angel means messenger of god. Archangel means chief messenger. Each archangel has their own specific gift. They have existed more than time itself and are one of the Divine’s original creations. These angels are free of religion and work with people of all faiths. A person only must ask for their help. I often talk to Archangel Michael and ask for his Guidance when I have to make a serious decision or need help with technology. When in need of healing or when guiding a healing, I ask for guidance from Archangel Ariel and Raphael. When I am going to be writing or speaking, I ask for guidance from Archangel Gabriel. Today think about the angels you call upon for guidance and thank them for always being present to guide you. Tomorrow we will begin to look at each Archangel. If there is a specific angel, you would like to learn about send me an email or comment on my Facebook page.


All Archangels of Light: Please surround me in pure love and give me the experience of miracles and please give me the eyes to see them. Archangels please guide me in the direction of my highest good, please protect me, my family, my friends, my community, my country, the Earth and the Entire Universe. Please give me courage, strength and faith so that I may walk this earth with an open heart and an open mind and be a divine channel of love, healing and blessings to all those I encounter.

Archangels, please feel free to communicate with me in ways that I will understand and please feel free to leave me feathers as my reminder that you are watching over me.

Thank You Archangels!

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