Archangel Michael

Is a very powerful Archangel. His name means “he who is like God.” He oversees one of the 9 choirs, the Virtues! He also protects and guides the life purpose of light workers. Light workers are healers whose primary focus are healing professions. Archangel Michael and light workers help people work through fears. Some humans who Archangel Michael has appeared to and worked with are Adam, and Joan of Arc. He is also the patron saint of Police Officers. You will know Archangel Michael is close if you see flashes of bright blue or purple light. Michael is also known for assisting with fixing electrical, technical and mechanical issues. This I know from fact as he has helped me several times with my computer issues. If you feel confused about the direction you are headed call on Archangel Michael. He will guide you. If you need courage to take the next step with your life purpose call on Archangel Michael. If you are fearful with parts of your journey and issues regarding your life call, on Archangel Michael. Today ask Archangel Michael to give you a sign of his presence.

A prayer for Protection with Archangel Michael:

“Archangel Michael please surround me in your light of protection throughout my day. Be at my side and guide my words and actions to come from a place of love. Please clear my energy and vibration completely of negative thoughts and beliefs, releasing fears and self-limiting beliefs. Help me to fully and completely experience love, light and joy that is present in every moment and guide my path for my highest and greatest good.” Amen.


I know my light shines because the divine light within me is always shining brightly

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