Another form of love

Each of us has experienced the feeling of abandonment at moments in our lives. Our first experience comes when we are expelled into this world from the comfort of our mother's womb. The sense of abandonment arises from our desire/need to belong to feel needed and loved. These feelings allow us to face the fear of loneliness and emptiness. Our society frowns when emotions are expressed. Discussing one's feelings can make most of us feel uncomfortable, taking us out of our unconscious state. Many of us walk through life with our eyes closed. We are afraid to engage others in conversation because it may cause us to look deeper at our fears.

We often experience feeling abandoned when we lose a loved one. Aging is a natural part of life. As we age, we are given many opportunities to reflect and work through our pain and fears. This will often lead us to healing and forgiveness, opening our hearts to the love that awaits us. Many of us were taught by various religions that we are not worthy of love. That love only presents itself after death. Jesus Christ was a reflection of love incarnate. His teachings reflected compassion, forgiveness, and healing. Leading one to love of self.

Coping with the uncomfortable feelings is so vital for our growth and evolution.

Being gentle and compassionate with ourselves teaches us that we are worthy of self-love. Do you feel comfortable talking with your loved one about your fears? Talking about your fears gives you the ability to release what is holding you captive inside. It also offers insight into your loved one. Being vulnerable and open in your relationship is important. If your loved one chooses to share their feelings, being present and attentive will allow them to feel heard.

I write this today because I have recently been with several people who feel abandoned by family members. It isn't easy because they cannot recognize the beauty they hold within themselves. I often listen, offer kindness, hope, and always offer a hug.

This week take the time to reflect on the feelings that arise within you that make you feel uncomfortable. Please do not judge them. Instead, name them! Sit with them; then surrender them to god/universe and release them. Then open your heart to receive the love the universe/God offers you.

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