Along time ago, on this very earth, there traveled a group of beings, celestial beings. These

beings moved with a bright light that beamed from within them. The power of this light made people on the earth, animals, and everything that lived feel warmth and love. These celestial beings are with us now. Each one of us has our own angel or angels that chose us before we were born. They travel with us and guide us. They love us unconditionally, each moment, and every day that we live on this very earth. Now some might say, “I don’t believe in angels or why would that person who is mean have an angel?” our angels guide us and love us they whisper in our ear and tell us how important it is for us to love ourselves. Sometimes we cannot hear our angels because we are impacted by all that is around us and all the noise within us. So we may miss their messages of love of guidance. This is a special week where the angels will fill our hearts with joy, love, and gratitude. They offer us messages of hope, kindness, and openness, so we may witness the beauty of love that surrounds us. Listen very carefully to the gifts that your angels offer you this week. May this blessed week of Christmas be a joyous one for each of you.

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