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Have you ever heard the phrase “Entertaining Angels?”

In so many ways we experience this daily without our knowledge or understanding. So many times in my life I have experienced angels in the form of Humans showing kindness and compassion. We try to identify and name the goodness we experience in others as that of an Angel. Haven’t you ever heard “oh what an angel” about you or another?

An angel is a spiritual being believed to act as an attendant, agent, or messenger of God, conventionally represented in human form with wings and a long robe.

Many of us call on Angels for help and guidance. We have many angels in our lives who are always with us.

For the next week or two we will focus on Angels. I would love to hear your experiences. We will discover and learn about our Guardian Angels, Archangels, healing angels, and many other angels. Along with this adventure in

learning I will offer an affirmation each day and prayer for the angel of focus.

Prayer of Thanksgiving for Angels

We praise you, beloved God, for the beautiful heavenly hosts you have created.

We praise you, for creating angels to minister to us on earth, a sign of love for us that is beyond our understanding. We give thanks for guardian angels who protect and guide us, even though we are often unaware of their presence. We give thanks that angels inspire us to see the goodness within our hearts and in others.

Guide our hearts so we may recognize these beautiful beings of light and love.

And so it is!

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