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All about love

I have begun reading the book “All about love” by Bell Hooks. Love is the essence of all of life. Without love, we die. I was drawn to this book because we are at a precipice on our earth right now. If I can help to stop us from falling off the cliff, if will do my part. Of course, many of you know I am a healer. I come from a family of healers, so I feel blessed to be on this earth at this transformative moment.

M. Scott Peck writes, “Commitment is inherent in any genuinely loving relationship. Anyone who is truly concerned for the spiritual growth of another knows, consciously or instinctively, that he or she can significantly foster that growth only through a relationship of constancy.”

Are you committed to love? Are you committed to being a loving and kind human in a world that is filled with sadness and anger? If so, you must commit to being loving, kind, and gentle with yourself. We cannot offer love to another until we have first loved ourselves. Many people believe love is an action, like buying a gift or offering a kind gesture. Love is an attitude of gratefulness, joy, wonder. Love is holding the hand of our loved ones as they take their last breath, wishing them well on their new journey. Love is a feeling within.

An example is when our heart sings for joy at the presence of our spouse walking through the door after a long day at work. Love is sitting in the company of nature, admiring the gift of her beauty with wonder in our hearts. Many of us are too busy to live in the present moment. We miss so much living in the past or the future. We receive so many cues all day long from our loved ones, our bodies, and our higher selves. Our lives have value. We are on this earth as one community. Living as one community can be a challenge, but it is so worth it: today and this week, practice mindfulness. Live in the present moment because it is all that we have. Each one of us is of importance to the success of this transformative time.

Blessings and love to each of you! Have a beautiful week.

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