In this weeks blog I will offer excerpts from a course I am taking called “A year of Angel Affirmations by Steffany Barton Rn” from Daily OM. It is a wonderful website with courses to help us grow into and maintain our true selves. I encourage you to give yourself a gift this holiday and sign up for one of these courses. Today’s particular reflection from Steffany discusses Affirmations. Enjoy!

affirmations are statements of truth despite our circumstances. Affirmations declare the presence of Spirit and divine wisdom following to and through all things. Affirmations are words of power and strength. These words allow us to set an intention for what we will achieve or receive.

Most certainly, I appreciated the idea of using words with deliberate intention, choosing words to align with spiritual power. Yet, as I struggled with a sense of self-worth, stating, "I am the light of the world," felt extremely false to me.

Many affirmations focus on outcomes or results. Often the difference between where we are and where the affirmation proclaims us to be is so vast that the heart and mind cannot reconcile the discrepancy. If the checking account statement is in the red, and the daily affirmation reads, "I am wildly abundant," well, the words may have absolutely no appeal.

I decided to write some affirmations for myself. I knew I had to stretch myself, but in ways I could handle and with statements I could believe. I began to realize the affirmation I liked most would soothe my heart, open my mind, and help me to see the beauty around me.

Too, I discovered that if I read an affirmation slowly and breathed through the words, if I "felt" the affirmations just as surely as I stated them, I would not only think differently, I would feel differently. The most powerful affirmations combine spirit, mind, and heart in a deliberate, compassionate, and loving fashion.

Each affirmation I provide for you had been infused and blessed with love. I have spoken them, breathed into the words, and blessed each statement lovingly. As you receive them, please take time to savor each word, to let the presence of Love wrap around you.

Today, write a few affirmations for yourself. Just try it. Please formulate a statement of encouragement and intent over each of these three topics

1. Your health and wellness

2. Your relationships and family

3. Your abundance and financial means

Now breathe. You are loved!

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