A Tree

A seed nurtured with love

Watered and fed, grows into infancy

While watching and waiting, speaking to it lovingly

The seed evolves greening, growing opening, shaping into beauty

It is planted and nurtured by hand and earth

Waning and waxing, wind blown, climbing toward the warmth of the sun.

Shivering in the cold, pulling back its beauty, retreating to keep itself protected.

What is this?

Having taken shape

appears to be a tree!

Majestic and Green with buds bursting everywhere

shimmering with fractals of light reflecting the sun’s rays

Time passes

the tree is an Evergreen

Many shapes and sizes

Offers its beauty to the earth to humans

Is decorated with brilliance

It’s limbs shining bright

Filling our hearts with joy

With Expectation

As we celebrate the magic of the season!

Give thanks to the tree for the abundance

It offers each and every day

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