A Parent’s Love

This weekend is Father’s Day! It is a day to remember and celebrate the men in our lives. How many of you have heard the term “ you are just like your father.” I often say that if we are lucky, we reflect the best parts of our parents. Many walk through life blaming their parents for perceived failures. Others judge their parents for the choices they made to protect and guide their children.

Of course, there are many broken families in our world. Holding on to pain and hurt can sever relationships for lifetimes. So it is vital to offer support and love to our friends and family members with these experiences. For some, the holidays may evoke painful memories.

Choosing to become a parent is life-changing. A parent has to trust the unknown with the hope that their baby will be healthy. Once their baby is born, a new journey begins. The greatest gift a parent can give to their child is unconditional love. This love is a reflection of our experience of God. A parent guides their child by their lived experiences. Having a small village of family members can be a gift to children assisting them in growing and evolving to understand their ancestry. I asked a few dads what they were hoping for this Father’s Day. The response was the same; “Father’s Day is every day! I would love to maybe sleep in and hang with my kids.”

Our parents live selfless lives hoping to give their children something more. Parents are often blamed when something goes wrong in a child’s life. So many parents watch painfully, hoping that their children will make healthy choices. Some children struggle as their parent's age, knowing how important it is for them to remain independent, wanting to save them from needless pain. Some key ingredients for a family’s success are love, understanding, compassion, forgiveness, and joy. Open communication and honesty are also important. Many parents grow and evolve as their children do. Our parents try so hard to make decisions that will benefit the whole family. Making decisions in a world that is constantly changing can be challenging. This weekend is a time to offer gratitude and thanksgiving for the selfless love of our dads! Let us show appreciation and love with the words, “Thank you, Dad, I love you!”

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