A New Moment

Sometimes I find it challenging to write because I feel empty inside. It's been so disappointing watching the news over the last couple of months. I thought that we had evolved beyond war. We have so much to offer one another, Yet we cling to our self-centeredness. We are at a precipice in our country of a Civil War. Power and greed are not The answer to a "United" States of America; We are a diverse nation. Women outnumber men, and other ethnic groups outnumber white Americans. With this diversity, we can transform this country. Holding onto something that is dying will not work anymore. It will only cause more pain to the whole country. Living as a woman in this country has been quite an adventure. I have fought for equality all of my life so others could have equal opportunities, including those disenfranchised. Because of my conviction, others could achieve goals that weren't available in the Past. I am a Christian and love God with all of my heart. Each of us gets to make our own choices. Jesus always looked after people who were considered broken. He recognized their experience of inequality. Jesus challenged the status quo, the Church officials who had become self-centered yielding power and money. He taught his followers many lessons about being better people and encouraged them to be of service to their neighbors. He taught them compassion, empathy, and unconditional love by embodying these qualities.

Has our pain and suffering made us stone pillars? Has the fear around us enveloped us to the point that we have lost ourselves?

When will we realize the importance of valuing our diversity? Being my authentic self empowers me to love creatively. Our neighbors are meant to be different; they can help us grow and evolve. They have lived lives and had different experiences from mine and yours, and their experiences are just as meaningful. Unless we start treating each other as equals, our constitution will fall into the abyss. The world is watching all of our hateful rhetoric. It's time to stop this. It begins with you and me! Are you up for the challenge?

This week spend time listening to the stories you tell and the words you use! Do your stories and words empower yourself and others? Or do your stories and words place power over others?


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