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A Gift of Love

Are you feeling the Love of the Season yet?

Black Friday, small business Saturday and Cyber Monday have passed, and so has our sanity. Why is it that during the holiday season we need to show our Love with material gifts? Usually these gifts are quite expensive. When I see a beautiful gift that represents someone I love I purchase it and offer it to the one I love. I never wait till the holiday season. As the season approaches I find myself in a fog wondering what kind of gift I should purchase. How silly is this when I have been doing this all year long. This is the season of Love. It is meant to be a time of reflection and gratefulness for the Love that was offered by the divine to each of us with the birth of a child. Reflect for a moment about how you felt when first meeting your baby or niece and nephew. For me it was sheer joy! I felt a connection right away and fell in love with the innocence and beauty of my nieces. Love is the gift of this season. Maybe we feel stressed and anxious because we know deep down that the quantity and quality of gifts does not really resonate with the true meaning of the holiday season. A gift of Love comes in many forms: service to another, or group of people, taking the time to sit and listen to someone struggling with loss and loneliness, even offering to help with tasks at home or around the house for someone unable. There are so many ways to provide a gift of Love this season. Our presence, without our noses stuck in our smartphones, is the best present we can offer to each other. This week reflect on the kind of gift you would enjoy from a loved one without material value.

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