A Father’s Love

Most of us are blessed to have loving, caring men in our lives that we call father. Most men have grown up with the stereotypes of how and what a father should be. What makes a father unique is his ability to be his true self while trying to balance the expectations of a job and family. Children see their fathers as heroes with the ability to take on any villain a child might experience. Dad’s arms are a great place to cuddle, be held, and comforted. As a teenager, dad suddenly becomes the enemy setting limits. He knows that his teenager is exploring the unknown, so he wants to be the protector. As young adults, we turn to our fathers for advice to help guide us with the many choices life has to offer. If we are lucky, our fathers get to enjoy their grandchildren, and the cycle begins again. A father’s love is much deeper, though. Most of the time, our fathers can’t express the feelings they hold deep within. As adult children cuddling, holding and comforting our father lets him know that we can now be his hero. Sharing stories that made you laugh and cry provides a glimpse of the meaning of family for his grandchildren. Allowing yourself to be present at the moment to enjoy the beauty of the man sitting before you is what love is all about. If you are lucky enough to have your dad with you, let him know the gift he truly is. If he shrugs it off, know that he is listening and is happy that you have chosen to take the time to be with him.

Happy Father’s Day!

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