It may be hard at this moment to experience hope, because of the concern and fear of the unknown over the Covid 19. Alas, Mother Earth continues to evolve and expresses her beauty as our Springtime begins. Many folks have to remain at home. This may seem confusing since we are human beings on the move. It can be a time for creativity and Self-reflection. Why not open your windows or sit on your porch for an hour. Allow nature to express its love with a gentle breeze, the song of a cardinal, and the beauty of the evolving buds.

As the seasons progress each year, we experience the ebb and flow of the changes. This impacts us from within and our surroundings.

How many of you have heard the story of the caterpillar who is transformed into a butterfly. We know that the caterpillar creates a cocoon and is encapsulated until it is ready to evolve into a butterfly. The process can be quite painful. Change can be painful as there is a need for letting go before a transformation can happen. Yet we experience such beauty and grace as we watch a butterfly flit and float about.

This could be Our Human cocoon time. It is our time for transformation. Being told to stay at home in place threatens our ability to move freely and run from all that we fear. Now at this moment, we can work through some of the pain we have been holding onto, face our fears, love them as part of our humanity, hold them with gentleness and compassion, and release them to the universe and our loving creator. This pain and fear no longer serve our present experience. Allowing ourselves to experience these changes can provide an opportunity for transformation for our personal lives and our world.

There is so much hope within us and around us. This week take some time to experience the beauty within and around you! Imagine the experience of the hidden treasures awaiting you.

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