I recently had the opportunity to go to Massachusetts, a place that I called home. We actually went there for the month of August. I was so excited to be able to go home a place that I have lived for most of my life. We actually had the opportunity to stay across the street from our old house in Randolph. At first I was very excited about this, then after a few days I noticed within myself I felt uncomfortable. I didn’t belong here anymore; this wasn’t my home. After moving to Florida I felt like it wasn’t home, was I not giving it a chance? I really missed being with friends and family, people that I had worked with and just the area itself; the beauty of the four seasons in Massachusetts. A question arose what was the divine offering to teach me in this moment. During our visit in August I realized that connecting with the people that I love was most important. I had been feeling an emptiness inside since we moved. Of course it was that connection that was missing or was it? As the months passed I realized that there are many ways to connect with the ones we love. We now have so many wonderful ways to communicate. Of course the phone and now FaceTime. I was blessed during this time because we had many visitors. I also realized it was important to connect to myself; to my inner self. We find so many ways to be busy. Of course work is primary for most of us and it takes a lot of our time. What happens when we stop and are then faced with just being present? For me it was difficult because I had been so busy for so long. Today I know that the Divine has been calling me to be present to the home within myself. This is where the Divine lives within the core of each of us. Within our core is the place where home is defined. I felt disconnected and somewhat lost because I believed home was a building, a place, people. Ultimately home is the place deep within where I experience oneness with God.

This week spend time reflecting on the definition of Home for you!

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