What makes you happy? What brings you joy? Where does this happiness this joy come from? We may find this very difficult as the holiday season approaches. Because of the hustle and bustle all around us and the importance of getting everything done in such a short span of time, it might be challenging to find that joy that happiness. Joy is like a small seed. It sits deep within our hearts, and it waits for us to recognize our beauty that comes from within. Once we realize this beauty, we are able to notice all of the little fragments of light and love that surrounds us. So many times, we push down this joy. Why? What are we afraid of? There are loss and sadness around us, and yes, we each have our struggles. If we are not careful, we will become saddened by the experience of others. When we feel this way, we lack the insight to recognize all that we have with the most precious gift being the beauty of our life. Reflect for a moment about what makes you joyful. I feel a sincere joy when I experience the happiness of a child, feel the first flakes of snow on my face, and the joy my pets' offer to me when I return home. Joy is like a volcano. Once it erupts from deep within our soul, it flows and expands and ignites the joy in ourselves and others. This week take time to pause and reflect on the joy that resides within your heart and give thanks for the gift you indeed are to yourself and the world.

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