2nd Chakra Sacral Chakra

Its energy center is located below the navel

Its Color is orange

Associated with Water Elements

Its primary functions are associated with

Sexuality, developing relationships, fluidity, reproduction, emotions, nurturing and creativity

When we have blocks in this area, we may physically experience

Kidney problems, swollen and tender ankles and legs, poor circulation, muscle cramps and stiffness, allergies, skin problems.

We may also psychologically experience

Rigidity and inflexibility, self-serving, overly ambitious, failure to nurture, explosive, lack of desire/sexual satisfaction, blocked creativity, shyness, overly sensitive, anti-social, mistrustful

This chakra governs our sexual orientation, our perceptions concerning food and our creative energy.

Some healing practices for the Sacral chakra

Hip-opening yoga postures

Dance like no one’s watching

Visualize orange

Let go of old baggage

Affirmations for this Chakra

I am alive, connected and aware

I allow myself to play and carry playfulness into all areas of my life

The relationships in my life are healthy and nourishing

I am a beautiful creation and I spread my beauty wherever I go

I embrace pleasure and abundance

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